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If you want to learn about healthy cooking, this is where you need to come! The International Macrobiotic School is the leading macrobiotic centre in the UK, offering a range of seasonal cooking classes, self-development workshops and longer professional training courses.


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The name ‘macrobiotic’ comes from traditional practices of health and longevity from ancient Greece, ‘macro’ meaning great and ‘bios’ meaning life. This is a way to a full, vital and creative life.

Macrobiotic cooking uses a wide variety of plant-based ingredients to create delicious and nourishing meals that are full of flavour and can be adapted to everyone’s personal health and lifestyle needs.

The Macrobiotic understanding of health is rooted in a combination of Oriental medicine and modern approaches to nutrition. The philosophy encompasses healthy eating and living, preventing the many degenerative illnesses plaguing modern society today. It inspires us to take responsibility for maintaining our own health and that of the environment in which we live; having the lowest carbon footprint and feeding the greatest number of people in our world of rapidly expanding population.

Upcoming Talks – Friday 3rd October – Creating a Sustainable Health System – £7 @ Macroschool Totnes More details



Upcoming Courses:

Looking After Your Health

17th – 21st September

19th – 23rd November

5 days of inspiring cookery classes and oriental diagnosis to give you a kick start to a healthier life – More Details

Reduced Price £495 for 5 days!

Shiatsu Discovery Weekend

6th-7th September

Learn to give a full body shiatsu treatment to your family and friends
More Details


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